Membership in the Appalachian Foothills Fire Historical Society is open to anyone whose interests are the same as the society. We welcome anyone who has the desire to learn the history of the fire service in general and more particularly the fire service history of those organizations along the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

     Our members are classified in four categories: Individual, Organizational, Corporate, and Honorary Life. Each membership carries with it one (1) vote in all matters brought before the Society at any regular meeting.

     All members will receive a periodical newsletter containing historical documentation and data, an upcoming events schedule, stories about members, articles about Society events, meeting reports, and other interesting information.

     Please click on the "Membership Application" link below. Print the page that appears. Fill out the form and mail it, along with your membership dues, to the address listed at the bottom of the form.

Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in this Society.

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