On May 3, 2005, many members of AFFHS gathered for a special-called meeting concerning the purchase of a fire truck that had been offered to the Society.  If the Society chose to purchase this truck, another truck would be donated to our organization.


     Our members were told that the truck is a 1960 Mack pumper [a former Harrodsburg KY pumper] in good running condition but needing some cosmetic attention.  The truck to be donated with the Mack was a 1955 Studebaker tanker [the first tanker to have been used by the Bell County (KY) Fire Department].  Albert Hughes had seen the trucks and brought some pictures of them.


     After reviewing the pictures and some discussion, a motion was made to purchase the pumper.  The motion carried unanimously.  The next item of business was "How To Pay For It!".  Immediately, checks and cash began flowing toward our treasurer.  In about 15 minutes the treasurer had enough money to purchase the Mach pumper.


1960 Mack C-series Pumper



1955 Studebaker Tanker



     Now comes the task of restoring both trucks to their original glory.  Funds will be needed to assist in the restoration process.  Your contributions to the TRUCK RESTORATION FUND will be greatly appreciated.  Please mail your contributions to the address below.  Be sure to designate your donation to the Truck Restoration Fund.



c/o Hank Melton

227 South Main Street

Barbourville, KY 40906








     December 17, 2014 - We received a call from Rickie Fore of Woodbine (KY) Fire Rescue Department to advise us that their Board of Directors had voted to donate a 1963 Ford/Howe pumper to the Society. We made arrangements to have it placed at James Eddie Smith's home on Highway 1523. Rickie agreed to deliver the truck on December 19th at 5:00 pm.


     It was delivered as promised on December 19th. At that time, the title was transferred and instructions were given about mechanical needs for the pumper. It was stated that the original purchaser of the pumper was the Corinth Fire Department in Corinth, Kentucky.


     We are very pleased with this donation to our collection and do thank the members, officers, and board of directors of the Woodbine Fire Rescue Department for this gift.



1963 Ford/Howe Pumper





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