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     It was suggested that the Society should have a logo that depicts the theme of the organization.  An article was published in the newsletter that asked for suggestions for the graphics of the logo.  There were several submissions on the topic.


  Suggestions included firefighters with a hoseline; the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; a steam pumper; a circular logo with the Society name surrounding the graphics.


     At the next regular meeting, the suggested graphics were presented.  Our President asked that the members decide which one to use.  Someone said that ALL the suggested graphics depicted our theme.  A motion was made to incorporate all the graphics into one logo.


  Scott Smith, a Director and Charter Member of the Society, was asked to create a logo using all the components listed.  After several edits, the logo was approved by the membership.


NOTE: The patch pictured below is an edited version of the original.  This patch was created in 2008 and approved by the membership at the Regular Meeting on April 15, 2008.



     The logo is twelve (12) color solid-embroidered and outlined by the Society name on white cloth background.  It measures 4" diameter.

Are you a patch collector?

Patches are available to anyone sending a tax deductible donation of $5.00 to the Society along with $1.00 for postage/handling costs.

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We will gladly trade a patch for your Fire Department or Fire History Organization patch.

Please email your comments or request to us.


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